Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Last night

I dreamt a quite realistic dream. I was going to Paris to study French. To be honest, I always liked the French language. French music, French cinema, French people and I fell in love with Paris 10.000 times. Still it never occurred to me that I could actually go there and be a part of it.

Today I decided that when I have finished my studies I will go there. Find an apartment, a job and study French for a while. And I will take my band, which I hopefully will have by that time, with me.

Last year I could have done an intern ship in New York. I did not do it because Les Singes was going so well. Unfortunately it did not turn out the way we wanted to.

Anyway, there is no point looking back. However, I have no problem with looking forward. I will finish my studies probably January 2011..and then I can go!


2011..that really sounds to far away. Lets first get used to 2010. If it is possible.

I am going to celebrate this new year's eve on a rooftop of two really nice girls in Amsterdam. I don't know them very well, but every year they seem to throw the best new years eve party of Amsterdam. Bands,music, a lot of prosecco and at 00.00 you can see the whole city exploding with fireworks. I can't wait till tomorrow!

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