Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Home again.

Last weekend was the best weekend since a long time. I went to Berlin to visit my sister, I hadn't seen her for two months which is very very long.

My sister Clara

Me feeling like le petit prince at the east side gallery

Berlin is a place where everything is possible. There are so many artists, exhibitions, parties, and above all cafes. We went drinking wine, beer, sp├Ątzi's, caffees, apfelschorles in one thousand diffrent places. all so lovely and cosy and rock n roll and wauww (+ we 'met' Daniel Bruhl)


We went to the market at Mauerpark where everybody is selling their hand-made clothes or second hand things and we went to a second hand store of 5 floors! I bought the most horror-ish shoes I have ever seen. They even have skulls on them! I have to compensate my blonde hair somehow..

they look a little like the ones on the right, the second from above.

I really enjoyed walking the whole Karl Marx allee in bad shoes. I really did because we found an old DDR cinema:

I would like to live there one day. Altough this city is much bigger than feels more easy. More easy than any city I have been to, and I have seen a lot of the world! Life is cheap in Berlin, rents are cheap and going out as well. Musicians and artists do not have to get a shitty job to be able to make their art. And if they do, there are plenty of places to get a nice shitty job. I also got the feeling people are less stuck up. There are loads of fashionable people but without the attitude which is disturbing me here so often lately.

Yes I feel better! This is exactly what I needed to finish my studies and continue my search for new musicians. So many people have responded to my call and I am making music with a lot of them. I really am enjoying meeting all those interesting new people although I find it hard to really trust people again. But it will come back I am sure.

For now I am going to read the Millenium trilogy, people who think its an ordinary detective may speak up! And show me a better replacement for the ending of Monk..
The favourite detective serie of me and willem ended last week.