Monday, 14 December 2009

Today I decided to be happy again

I wasn't happy for a long while because I discovered something I wish I never discovered.

People can erase you from their lives. First I thought that this only happens in movies like The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I was wrong. It happend to me a few times. God it feels awful although I feel much better now.

Back in the days people just never spoke to you again so that was that. Nowadays there is a ritual: first you are no longer facebook friends, then you are no longer part of the myspace top friends. And then they erase all their memories. All the good memories. So only the bad ones will remain.

I have cried enough, been pissed off enough and now it is time to move on.

It is a little cruel of people to say that they are glad that you are no longer part of their lives. that they are relieved and happy to never see you again. and that she is beeing all cute and sad to your friends and family, but laughing behind their back because she is ruiining your life. But its al right, like i said people are just people. And they change. People who you thought were your friends turn out not to be at all.

So today I decided to be happy again, happy to be living in this city and doing the things i do. Happy with my friends, who inspire me. Like Sophie van der Burg, sitting right in front of me in Latei at the moment. She makes lovely stop motion movies, they are not online unfortunately but when they are I will post them.

And this morning I went to the Noordermarkt with Elsbeth and Willem en Laura and I bought a loooott. It was cold. It was nice. I am happy. Yes.

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