Monday, 12 April 2010

Selfish people

They are following me. Leave me alone, mind your own business, I am not interested in you and your thoughts at all. Think what you want to think, I could not care less. Yes Selfish people, I've met a few so far and they all think your life is about them. Well guess what; LEAVE ME ALONE and let me be, happy on the balcony with sarah and willem. We bought apple pie and are drinking beer while its only 3 pm. I am happy, so do not bore me with your pathatic opinions.

Phiew yes sometimes blogging about thoughts can really help getting over stuff.
I AM happy, and I will stay like this. I've got trips to London, Paris and Scandinavia ahead, everyone I love is healthy and my house is the best place in town for me at the moment. I also bought a really classic chair at the market this morning and had a really interesting conversation with an old lady who happend to be a famous painter.

Also, blogging can be seen as something really selfish. It is really about me, and me alone. But I dont throw it your face, and no-one has to read it. In fact, people who read this shouldnt read everything because mostly its just about crappy thoughts I had to type down and publish. :)

I am living now, I am happy now because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

(by Ryan Mcginley)

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