Thursday, 1 April 2010


So the first of April is one of my favourite days. I tell everyone I'm pregnant, that my band is going to support the White Stripes. Daila and me are laughing and laughing while no one really thinks its funny. I love it.

This year it was even better because of the most pathetic medium in the world: facebook. Facebook is boring, it is stupid, it does not make sense and it makes me want to scream MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. But I have to admit, I use it I might even be addicted; When i'm studying i'm using it once an hour (if not more)..just to see if some people who i've shared happy memories with (and never see anymore) now live their lives well. And yes, ofcourse I use it for sharing unnecessary information with my friends and beloved ones. Still I find myself reading lines of people I speak to once a year. WHYYYY???. well at least because you can fool people on april first.

Anyhoo, I tried to fool my friend in London, told her that I was in town. And she became so happy, and I knew it wasnt true. I felt reaaallly guilty. For the first time at April first. I know I have to go there, I lived there, I miss the city and her very much. She went away just when I really got to know her..I miss her!!
Yes I definitely am going to book my ticket..

But if you're ever up on Highgate Hill on a clear day
You can see right down to..lalalalallala

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