Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tonight Tonight

Tonight will be my first performance since four months, and I'm nervous. I am not a natural stage person, sometimes I would like to be the one in the back. On one hand I really don't want to be the one that sings, the one that talks, the one that smiles. On the other hand I know deep down I love it. But I have to get used to it again.

There was a time we went performing a few times a week, and I got used to it. I enjoyed it very much. I am excited about tonight. Show my songs to my friends, having my first gig with the best band I have ever played in. Yesterday Nina, Thijs and me rehearsed all day in a little shed on a farm outside Amsterdam. There were loads of old 60s cars outside, chickens and ducks, and the best of all; six (!) cats. I love cats.

So I am sure it is going to be fun tonight, we are going to have a blast. Yes yes yes. Only five hours to go. And I am nervous. In a good way.

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