Friday, 16 July 2010


So i am with one of my best friends in a city that never sleeps. Well the sun disappears at 12, and at 2 it is light again.. It is so nice, she is one of the nicest, honest and best people i know. I know few people who are like her, who will never lie, never betray me and just say everything what comes to her mind. Who is not fake, because people can be fake I heard and experienced, she is real. And this is real, and that is why I am writing it although the Internet is not really real..

Anyway, last week I was with my ever best friend Willem (also known as the boyfriend) in Denmark. Everyday we made our way to the beach, to the swimmingpool, to the city of Copenhagen which is a very fashionable, interesting city. To bad I missed Regina Spektor! I saw she was performing there the day before..but it couldnt ruin my days of the two of us, shrek, bikes, design centres, apple cider, little kittens, football, music, books, and so on!

One thing bothered me, one of the last days of this perfect week I heard i could do the support for Adam Green. Adam Green, think Moldy Peaches and Babys gonna be alright. I could either go back, or stay. I chose to stay..and no this is not really rock n roll and all, but I really felt I needed this holiday. When I come back there will be the parade, a lovely festival I have been working on for years. It is going to be great, despite from the fact that my world has changed and there are some evil people in Amsterdam, but its alright. I will just ignore it and have fun. There are tons of people out there who are honest and nice, even when you do not expect it. So I really hope we meet again, another day, Adam..

Anyhow I think I made a lovely photodocumentary about my trip, but haven't developed anything yet. I really want to do something with it..who knows.

For now lets just listen to this, while I am up hangover but happy in the couch, waiting for me friend to get up so we can explore Gothenburg, go to astrid lindgren land, and eat a lot of knackebrod.

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