Sunday, 9 May 2010

New York

I have been there twice. And like all the young, hip girls nowadays I claim that I will be living there one day. One day... One day, when I do have enough money. Or, more likewise, when the time is right to start my internship. I think I will try to fill out as many applications (think Guggenheim, the MoMa, the Met, etc. etc. etc.) as possible when I have to do my final Master internship. Or maybe sooner. I don't know if it is hard, I guess it is. Otherwise I will find a lovely small gallery where they need my help, I just have to! Like my friend did last year..her stories made me so unbelievably jealous.

New York is just fascinating me. The coolness of Williamsburg combined with the most upper chic Manhattan. You never know if that guy in his lumberjack outfit is just a lumberjack, or some famous writer. Possibly both.

There are millions of possibilities in the field where I am planning to work; the art world...tumtumtum. Young artists starting projects here and there, platforms open up every day and do not forget the number of exhibitions that open everyday. One better than the other, still it is happening. All day and night, people are inventing and working on the things they love most. Call me naive, that is really how I see it. One big city, filled with people full of dreams. It doesnt matter if they come true, as long as you try.

Like last time, I just bumped into a great band playing on Washingtonsquare. Later that night they were performing in Williams-burg in this adorable cafe. I have to say I really love the music scene over there. Grizzlybear, Department of Eagles, Lissy Trullie, to name just a few. Not to forget St. Vincent, most inspiring artist of the moment if you ask me. I am also quiet fond of the noise-scene, like Telepathe and These are powers. Although sometimes I do not fully understand the music...

So while I am at home studying and dreaming about New York there are a few things you can do. Read books about it, watch movies about it (or watch sex and the city/ gossip girl. to reveal my guilty pleasure...although gossip girl had this living room performance of Sonic Youth), or read blogs about it. One of my favourite blogs is the Diary of Terry Richardson. The photographer, accused of having sex with his models, photographs his New York (-cool) life in a way you almost feel part of it. Wandering trough Union square, the village and Brooklyn you can follow the (famous or not famous) people he meets, and the casualty about it.

Funny snapshots, taken during photoshoots, dinners, gigs and above all; walks through the city.

(Eugene Hutz in the East Village. Frontman of Gogol Bordello, a brilliant gypsypunk band)

(Lissy Trullie and Chloe something)

(The photographer himself)

(Two Brooklyn ladies)

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