Monday, 15 February 2010

Les Poupées Russes

It is so hard to study when you are hangover, tired, and you really want to sleep.
I am reading about Grandtours and the only thing I can think of is getting away.
To my bed.

My sister told me today that it upsets her that people come and go. Just like that.
And it is true, it should upset you. People do get older and they won't stop at the
border of the little town where they were born. They go away. They might come
back. But coming back is not the same as deciding to stay.

I left this place and I came back. More grown up then before. I made friends
abroad. I made friends for life. With three of them I will go on a trip to Berlin in
two weeks. A Swedish girl, a German guy, a girl from Belgium and me. We all met
in London and we will go to Berlin in two weeks. This makes me realise how lovely
it is to go away. and to come back. Because it is possible, it really is.

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