Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My band

fell apart. My guitarist quittet and since there was only the two of us..my band fell apart. We had such a wonderfull year. We started in summer 2008 and made a lot of songs. In a year we almost got a record deal, we almost got our album fully recorded, almost almost almost! but we really did a lot of great shows in the Netherlands and above all, in Paris.

Now he left me, he hates me. Without any reason. He changed. From someone who was excited to play his first show at a cafe without anyone but my boyfriend, to someone who didnt feel like playing in a room for 2000 people (as support act for Nouvelle Vague). Its to bad, people who change. But you can't do anything about it than cry, hate it and then leave it to what it was. He is trying to change my memories about our project, but i still know that i had the best time.

So this was one of our last songs we made, a little preview of something that was wonderfull.

And ofcourse, I am going to start a new band. Or try to make my old band work in a very diffrent way. Any guitarists? Drummers? electronists? anyone interested? let me know! (rosaronsdorf@gmail.com)

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